Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions govern your use of the websites and mobile applications provided by toktokfood platform. Please read these Terms carefully. By accessing and using the Platforms, you agree that you have read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions including any additional terms and conditions and any policies referenced herein, available on the Platforms.

toktokfood shall have the right to amend any portion of this Terms and Conditions, provided that it shall inform the Partner of such amendments in writing, by sending the full copy of the updated Agreement containing the changes made to any portion of the Agreement, together with the effective date of such amendments, which shall not be shorter than fourteen (14) days from date of notification

toktokfood is authorized to conclude and negotiate contracts with customers in the name and for the account of the Partner Merchants. toktokfood does not represent the customer, toktokfood is a digital platform that connects customers to partner merchants only.

toktokfood is an online marketplace platform where partner merchants can post their products, and customers can order through it. Toktokfood receives the order and transmits it to the vendor's end. Toktokfood receives the payment under the name of the partner merchants and remit to the partner merchant's bank account during the remittance schedule. Amount to be remitted to the partner merchants is the net after deducting the commission rate agreed and stated in the contract.

toktokfood has the right but not obligated to create design and layout for the Partner Merchants menu provided that it shall not deviate nor alter the images submitted and shall not provide false information regarding the product. toktokfood also has the right to use information and/or materials provided by the Partner Merchant without limitation.

toktokfood has the right to offer discounts or promos on behalf of the Partner Merchants provided that both parties have agreed with the mechanics.

toktokfood has the right to change the ordering and payment procedure and inform Partner Merchants through writing three days prior to the intended change taking place.

Obligations of the Merchant

Partner Merchants must provide toktokfood all of the menu information, including, but not limited to allergen information, halal certification, etc. For Halal certified items, toktokfood must be notified in writing of this certification and, when required, provide toktokfood with a copy of the certification.

Partner Merchant must comply with all the local laws and regulation including but not limited to;

  • Obtain and maintain all necessary licenses and permission.
  • Issue a BIR-registered receipt for every order.

Partner Merchant must ensure that the pricing of items available at toktokfood is uniform with other platforms (if any).

Partner Merchant must attend the dashboard training conducted by toktokfood and Partner Merchant must inform/ train their personnel on how to navigate the toktokfood merchant app and web dashboard. Partner Merchant is also responsible in ensuring that all orders made via toktokfood will be accommodated upon receipt of the order.

Partner Merchant is responsible for monitoring the customer's order from preparation to fulfillment. Partner must ensure that the customer is satisfied with the order.

Partner Merchant must use and access the platform's dashboard to manage and fulfill all successful/paid orders

Partner Merchant must Immediately inform the customer of any delays in fulfilling the order as reflected in the estimated delivery time (via call/ text message using the customer's contact details reflected in the platform) Partner Merchant must hand over the order to the toktok rider in a state that a customer would expect for that type of item, with the appropriate packaging and receipt.

Partner Merchant must ensure that items are in the best condition (freshly cooked, not spoiled nor contaminated, complete, and is prepared according to the customer's instructions, if any)

Partner Merchant is solely responsible and liable for any and all customer queries, claims, warranties, returns, maintenance, service/product related concerns, and/or complaints in respect of the contents, quantity, and quality of the item orders and any consequential effects thereof. This also includes communicating with the customers for the redress of their issues/problems with regards to the service or product.

Partner Merchants cannot cancel an order that has already been accepted. In the event that partner cancels a paid order, toktokfood has the right to charge a 5% penalty to the Partner Merchants as penalty for non complaints.


Payments shall be made through toktokwallet. Cash on Delivery is allowed, provided that the rider and customer have enough credits in their toktokwallet. In addition, in order to avail COD, the customer’s account should be verified.


Upon receiving an order through the dashboard, the Partner Merchant must only accept orders that can be catered by their inventory to avoid cancellation. Partner Merchant must update the status of the orders from accepted, preparing, ready for pick-up and picked-up.

Partner Merchant must check any requests/ remarks made by the customer. Incomplete orders, missing orders, and any complaints that may arise from it shall be the sole responsibility of the Partner Merchant.


Customers can cancel an order as long as it is still under the placed order status.

Partner Merchants are also not allowed to cancel an order once it has been paid. Once a paid order has been cancelled, Partner Merchant will be charged 5% of the transaction.


All food delivery through toktokfood should be catered by toktok delivery only.

Customers may choose between self pick up or delivery via toktok. For self pick ups, the order should be paid via toktokwallet before the Partner Merchant processes it.

If the designated rider fails to pick up the order, the Partner merchant has the option to cancel the rider's booking and look for another rider. In the event that there are no available riders in the area after rebooking twice, payments made shall be refunded to the customer. The cost of such refund shall be shouldered by toktokfood.

toktokfood is not liable for any delays in the fulfillment if it falls on the preparation period of the order. The customer may directly contact the Partner merchant to inform of any delays.


By signing the contract, Partner Merchant grants toktokfood the authority to collect the payment through toktokwallet. Toktokfood is responsible to remit all successful transactions to the Partner Merchant’s bank account.

Remittance schedule will be twice a week. For Monday to Wednesday transactions, remittance will be on Friday of the same week. For Thursday to Sunday transactions, remittance will be on Wednesday of the following week.


toktokfood has the right but not obligated to conduct an investigation in the event that a customer request for a refund. Refund due to cancellation is not allowed unless proven valid through an investigation.