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Frequently asked questions

There are two ways for you to add your favorite of frequently used biller:

1. You will click the “Add Biller” button on the upper part along with the biller types.
2. You can click the icon on the left side of a specific biller and it will automatically add the biller you wish to add.

It will depend on the biller, some accept overdue bill payment using the app, and some requires to pay it in their office near you.

The toktokwallet account shall be the sole platform to be used in paying the unsettled bill.

The transaction cannot be reversed once the payment has been completed.

1. Take a screenshot or saved the e-receipt you’ll received at the end of the transaction or get it from your e-mail.
2. Send a message or create a ticket regarding to this concern.
3. A customer service representative will verify and review the said error or concern.
4. An e-mail or message will receive once this concern is settled.

toktokbills conducts a regular routinary Security Check, Vulnerability Check, and Consistency Check to ensure all Users’ details are secured and kept confidential.

toktokbills is a e-payment in-app service platform of toktok application, wherein users may pay their bills like utilities, cable and internet, loans and other related transactions.

In order to pay bills using toktokbills, user need to have a toktokwallet account first and make sure that it has an available balance, equal or above that the amount you need to settle.

Here are the lists of the possible reasons:

1. Have no internet connection.
- Check your internet connection or data if there is available connection, you cannot process paying bills if you don’t have internet connection.
2. Wrong input of details.
- Always check your details before proceeding. Some details will be automatically detected and reject if do not comply to the polies of either the application or the biller. 3. Monthly limit reached.
- once you’ve reached your monthly limit transactions you cannot proceed to paying your bills. You need to wait for the preceding month in order to continue using toktokwallet services.

Wait for 1 business days, possible that delay from sending the receipt or posting your bills occur. If nothing happens, you can contact our help center or you can contact our customer service representative to attend this concern.

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